Gerrymandering Won't Fit In Scrabble

Aug 13

Rapist, 8 Points

Ugh I hate the expression “Rub someone up the wrong way”. To me it just sounds like you attempted to like, stroke their, eh, you know. And ended up stroking their like eh ass-al area. The point is it’s a stupid phrase.

And I’m sorry but Pokemon has turned into a fucking hive of BDSM. Like this was pretty much the first thing I saw when I typed it in was this… THING. WTF is that?

Ah here lads

When I used to watch the only naughty thing was Brock gangbanging those Nurses.

I asked one of the ladies in the Dáil if she had ever spoken to Brian Cowen and she said “I’ve seen him but YOU DON’T TALK TO BRIAN COWEN” and I was like “Eh wha?” but she just kept screaming “YOU DON’T TALK TO BRIAN COWEN, YOU DON’T TALK TO BRIAN COWEN”. Then she started throwing crucifixes at me and blood started streaming out of her vagina and then her skin started to melt… I have no idea when that stopped being an anecdote and started being a sexual fantasy.

Returning the the blogosphere was a bad idea. Ugh and I have to go to the Botanic Gardens tomorrow. What the fuck is there to do in Botanics for three hour?

Good day


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